Walking on the tundra!

What: This is a website I started to blog the training my two Alaskan Village Dogs and I are working on for a two-week trek on the Appalachian Trail in 2025. 

What people will see are blog updates on training commands, walking courses, and just fun puppy activities. I will also include recipes for dog treats and food I come up with since I spoil these pups beyond necessary. I will also include updates on their health and wellbeing. 

What people will most likely see are blog updates on the walking programs I use, the non-profit organizations I help rescue animals with, and anything having to do with village dog life. As a disclaimer, if I mention a non-profit by name I have permission from the group. All the non-profits are excellent at assisting in rescuing dogs. Some of the posts about village dog life will be extremely unpleasant (as in the stories will probably make a person’s stomach churn). I will not mince words when explaining how the animals are treated because it is necessary for education. I will not use the names of places or individuals if the entry is negative, but I will put a shout out to folks if the entry is positive. Also, if I say that I have personally seen it, then it is something that I have in fact witnessed. If I say that it is something I have heard, then I have not seen, but I’ve heard enough to know that the rumors are probably close to true. 

What people may see are references to my profession (teacher), my education level (doctor), and my mental capacity (I have diagnosed ASD and ADHD). These topics may be sporadically thrown into a random blog, but I will not divulge the name of my school or the students. However, I will mention that I currently teach fifth grade, but spent ten years teaching English as a second language in China, South Korea, Republic of Georgia, and in the USA. My psychologist has encouraged me to speak out about autism and living with ASD as an adult with a profession. I do not see a reason not to speak out, and this seems like a good a place as any to throw some ideas into the fray, especially since my lifestyle is definitely influenced by living with autism. 

What I will try to refrain from posting: Religion and Politics, because I will argue until I am blue in the face over certain topics and this blog is not for that. You wanna talk these, then find me on a different social media platform. 

Why: I made this site to hold me accountable for the training as well as improving my health. Thanks to Covid-19 I gained a massive amount of weight I had lost, now I need to buckle down so my pups and I can have an awesome adventure. 

Who: Myself and my two soulmates. Nakama (Japanese for companion) is a husky mix, most likely with corgi. Tomodachi(Japanese for friend) is a husky mix, but I have no idea what else. I plan on doing a DNA trace when I have the funds. 

Where: We live in a remote Alaskan village, thus the name of this blog. Most of our antics will be in this village or in the more metropolitan areas near Anchorage or Fairbanks.