Doggie Mix

As we prepare for the Appalachian Trail Trek in 2025, I am looking at snacks all three of us can eat. I call this Doggie Mix. The oats are mixed with honey and baked. I included dehydrated carrots, green beans, and a small amount each of strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. The point is to make snacks that will not spoil and that two dogs and a human can eat. The dogs tried this concoction on the Christian Christmas Day and both enjoyed the treat, though they tend to like the beans and carrots more than the sweeter berries. Doggie Mix can be pretty much any type of approved human food, dehydrated. I don’t think I’d use fish in the mix because even dehydrated the oils would get all over the other ingredients, however, chicken or turkey jerky would probably work. I will need to try that at some point.

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