Dehydrated Homemade Doggo Treats

One thing I really like doing for my pups is offering them new experiences. Folks laugh at me for giving them human food, but as they are my soulmates I can’t think of a better way to show my love for their health. I bought a dehydrating machine to dehydrate berries and whatnot for myself, but today I included carrots, beans, and cooked sweet potatoes for Nakama and Tomodachi. Naka isn’t quite sure about the beans and he is being obnoxious with his sweet potato (meaning he is hoarding it and growling at Tomo). Tomodachi liked the beans and the sweet potato. The carrots weren’t bad, either. Now, an FYI, these are raw and unseasoned. Adding seasoning, though popular for human consumption, is bad for dogs. So when I say human food, it is appropriate for their digestive systems. I am not an expert by any means, but dehydrated human foodstuffs works for me, too, so if we are traveling or when we are on the Appalachian Trail, we can all three snack on the same eats rather than different foods.

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